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Pregnancy Options for BODYJAM and RPM

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t participate in exercise, especially if you’re into group fitness classes.


In RPM, take regular breaks, reduce resistance, and avoid the standing positions as you feel you need to.

For BODYJAM, your range of motion will eventually change, making it uncomfortable to twist or jump. Just take it easy, and really respect what your body is telling you.

General guidelines

  • Exercise is really important during pregnancy. This is the case for both the mother and the child.
  • Reduce intensity when you and your doctor think so. Be sure to explain to your doctor what kinds of activity you typically do.
  • Drink plenty of water. You should plan on doubling your usual intake.
  • Wear comfortable, cool clothing. Layering clothes gives you options depending on the conditions of the exercise studio.
  • Don’t lay on your back. Doing so can hinder blood flow to and from the heart
  • Stay comfortable. If you feel dizzy, take a short break.
  • Keep your doctor informed of what you’re doing in the gym during your pregnancy. He/she can provide more information about ways to modify exercises, and may also suggest you refrain from certain activities.

Guidance for other Les Mills programs

Program Recommended? Context
BODYCOMBAT No Joint instability (kicks may aggravate the hips and pelvis)
GRIT No Too high in intensity
CXWORX Yes First and second trimester only
BODYATTACK Yes If you're already doing this program; take low-impact options
BODYSTEP Yes If you're already doing this program; decrease risers and use low-impact options
BODYVIVE Yes Can be started during pregnancy
BODYFLOW Yes Can be started during pregnancy

If you would like more information, please leave a comment below and I will put together some additional information provided by Les Mills International’s head of research.

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