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Be a Leader (Part 8 of 9)

This is the twenty-ninth post in a multi-part series where I share the highlights of the sections/subsections of the book How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

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Be a Leader: How to Change People without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment

Principle 8:  Use encouragement; make the fault seem easy to correct

  • Example: A man taking dance lessons met with one instructor who told him everything he was doing wrong. He left and went to another instructor who pointed out what he was doing well, so that the “faults” were minimized and could easily be corrected


  • Tell someone that he/she has no gift for something, is stupid, and is doing it all wrong, and you will destroy almost every incentive to try improve.
  • Be liberal with your encouragement, make the thing seem easy to do, let the other person know that you have faith in his/her ability to do it, and he/she will practice in order to excel.

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Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest.


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