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BODYJAM 71 Review

Overview BODYJAM 71 (10 Years Turnt Up) is the 2015 Q1 release. Here’s the overall format: Warmup Isolations Break on D Floor Too Turnt Up (5 tracks) Recovery Bounce Generation (5 tracks) Groovedown For the Mash It block, the last…

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March 2015 BODYJAM Mix

This month I’ll continue teaching the most recent release, BODYJAM 71 (10 Years Turnt Up). There are several reasons I’m staying with this release: Most of this month will be spent learning the newest release, BODYJAM 72, which will be launched…

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BODYJAM 71 Music Review

Part of my process of learning a BODYJAM release is to listen to the music first before doing anything with the choreography. Considering the Les Mills program directors pick the music first and choreograph later, I’m trying to approach the release…