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Deciding to Wait on AIM1 for BODYJAM

Now that I’ve been teaching group fitness for a year, I’ve been on the lookout for an AIM (Advanced Instructor Module). An AIM gives instructors the tools needed to take their teaching to the next level, usually through coaching exercises, technique drills, and personalized feedback. Les Mills offers two levels of AIMs, and given my current level of certification, level 1 is where I’d start.

AIMs are offered less frequently, as the trainers that run them are usually already busy with initial training modules. Another complicating factor is the travel: Many training workshops are often several hours away from where I live. (I had to drive to Roanoke for BODYJAM training and to Charlotte for RPM training.)

When I found out there was a BODYJAM AIM1 in October, I got excited. Even better, it’s going to be led by the same person (Lydia Haskell) from whom I took initial training. The event is going to be held at the amazing facility she manages.

After giving myself three days to think about it, I’ve decided now is not the best time.

  • It’s a sizable time investment — travel to/from Maryland, plus an all-day training event.
  • There’s the hassle of traveling. I’d probably choose to fly, meaning to get cheaper fares, I’d need to take time off work.
  • Given the travel issues, my personal dance coach (Gillie) wouldn’t be able to go with me.
  • The costs of airfare and the workshop are not trivial. I was also making an assumption I’d be able to stay with a friend, otherwise I’ll need to add lodging to the tab.
  • I’ve only been teaching live classes since January, with an average of two classes per month. Les Mills recommends you teach weekly for at least six months before doing your first AIM.

I was pleased to see that there are more AIMs on the event calendar, meaning that I shouldn’t have to wait too much longer before finding the next one. Regardless, I’m excited about learning how to become a better instructor.


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