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April/May 2015 RPM Mix

Here are my RPM track lists for April and May, 2015. I’ll teach the mix a few times in April before the Les Mills Spring Sneak Peek Weekend (Saturday/Sunday April 18-19), then I’ll stick with the latest release (RPM 66) for a…

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RPM 64 Review

General Thoughts RPM 64 is the 2014 Q4 release. You may also want to check out my comments on just the music. Release The two biggest changes were in the Pace track (no climbs, no resistance changes) and the Mixed Terrain…

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RPM 64 Music Review

Part of my process of learning an RPM release is to listen to the music first before doing anything with the choreography. Considering the Les Mills program directors pick the music first and choreograph later, I’m trying to approach the…